2019 Aurora Awards by Michelle Wynne

2019 Grand Aurora.png

Grand Aurora - Solar Energy Home - Osprey Landing

Silver Award - Best Kitchen Design for Custom/Spec/One-of-a-Kind Home - Osprey Landing

Silver Award - Best Bath Design for Custom/Spec/One-of-a-Kind Home - Osprey Landing

Silver Award - Green Construction - Osprey Landing

Silver Award - Solar Energy Home - Osprey Landing

Silver Award - Energy Efficient Home - Osprey Landing

2018 Aurora Awards by Michelle Wynne

Golden Aurora - Best in Show - Mike’s Hammock

Grand Aurora - Best Custom Home Under 4,000 sq. ft. - SeaThru

Grand Aurora - Best Interior Design $1M-$2M - SeaThru

Grand Aurora - Best Interior Detailing $1M-$2M - SeaThru

Grand Aurora - Solar Energy Home - BeachHaus

Grand Aurora - Energy Efficient Home - BeachHaus

Silver Aurora - Best Custom Home Under 4,000 sq. ft. - Mike’s Hammock

Silver Aurora - Best Custom Home Under 4,000 sq. ft. - BeachHaus

Silver Aurora - Green Construction - BeachHaus


Announcing the Winners: 2017 Professional Builder Design Awards by Michelle Wynne


CompassHaus | Silver Award

This sleek, modern coastal home, packed with eco-wise features, is LEED Platinum

By Peter Fabris | August 24, 2017

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CompassHaus, Silver Award, Green

Site: Longboat Key, Fla.
Entrant/Builder: Josh Wynne Construction
Architect: Jonathan Parks, Solstice Architects
Interior Designer: Pamela Holladay, Siebert Architects
Photographer: Ryan Gamma Photography
Size: 4,490 sf
Hard cost, excluding land: $350-$400/sf
Completion: August 2016

This LEED Platinum coastal modern home features sleek lines, cantilevered structural elements, and a rear elevation with floor-to-ceiling fenestration that provides dramatic views of the Intracoastal Waterway and adjoining bay. The white exterior and Energy Star-rated roof assembly help reduce heat gain. Many of the interior surfaces are painted white, which augments extensive daylighting.

Other green elements include a high-SEER variable-speed HVAC system, tankless water heaters, LED lights, a lighting control system, and a 10.23-kW solar array. Construction consisted of mostly locally sourced materials with high recycled content. FEMA regulations required extra height, creating great views in all directions; meanwhile, attention to craftsmanship and durability will further ensure the home will hold up to storms.

2017 Aurora Awards by Michelle Wynne


Goden Aurora - Best in Show -  CompassHaus

Grand Aurora - Best Custom Home, 4,000-6,000 sq. ft. - Compass Haus

Aurora Award - Best Kitchen, $1-$2M - Bay Shore

Aurora Award - Best Kitchen, Over $2M - CompassHaus

Grand Aurora - Best Bath, Over $2M - CompassHaus

Aurora Award - Best Interior Detailing, $1-$2M - Bay Shore

Aurora Award - Green Construction - CompassHaus

Grand Aurora - Solar Energy Home - CompassHaus

Grand Aurora - Water Wise - CompassHaus

Grand Aurora - Energy Efficient - CompassHaus



SRQ Magazine Home of the Year by Michelle Wynne

We are honored to have received so much recognition by this year's judges for the SRQ Magazine Home Of The Year.

Our project, CompassHaus, is featured on the cover of the March issue and received the following awards:

* Silver- Pool/Landscape Design
* Platinum- Best Bathroom
* Platinum- Best Kitchen
* Platinum- Best Sustainable/Green Home
* Platinum- Overall Home over $2M

Photography by Ryan Gamma

The design team:

Jonathan Parks- Architect
Tim Borden- Landscape Design
Pamela Holladay- Interior Design
Sterling/Wilbur- Engineering
Two Trails, Inc.- Green Consulting
Calcs-Plus- Energy Modeling and Mechanical Design
Region Solar- Solar Energy Consulting and Installation
iStage- Home Staging

Project Supervisor- Rob Kurvin
Purchasing Manager- Sherry LePage

There are too many sub-contractors to list so I have tagged those who are on FB in the image.

These projects don't happen by accident. We had a great client, a beautiful design, many more talented design professionals, and many, many careful craftsman. It is nice to see the work of so many recognized.

There were some beautiful homes entered this year. We are humbled to be so well represented. Onward and upward!

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2016 IBS Bala & Big Awards by Tom Rupp

The 2016 International Builders’ show was held again this year in Las Vegas.  Mark your calendars’, the next two years the show will be held in Orlando.  The show features the latest in building products and trends.  While the show features and expansive exhibit hall and educational sessions there are other parts of the show that feature showcase homes and award competitions that recognize building professionals hard work.  

We are humbled to be honored this year for our projects.  We put a lot of love and sweat into our projects and to be honored with awards for our work is just icing on the cake.


Lotus on Orange

Lotus on Orange

Best in Green (BIG) Awards was held at the IBS Live Booth in the South hall. This is the second year of a new green awards program that focuses on integration. Instead of a completely separate awards program, green and sustainable categories have been incorporated into many of NAHB’s other award programs, including the Best in American Living Awards, The Nationals, the 50+ Housing Awards, the multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards and the Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Marketing and Home Design for systems-built homes. If you win a green or sustainable award in any of these programs, you are automatically entered to win a Best in Green Award. Best in Green categories include: 50+ Home or Community, Single-Family, Production Home, Single-Family Custom Home, Multifamily Project, Interior Project, Remodeling Project, Development, Sales and Marketing Strategy, Systems-Built Home and ICC 700 National Green Building Standard.

The top category: Single-Family Custom Home featured three Florida Builders, we won top honors!

Category Winner: Josh Wynne Construction for their Lotus on Orange Project

The Best in American Living Awards (BALA) is the nation's premier award program continually redefining design excellence for the entire residential building industry. It spotlights the most creative and innovative builders, remodelers, architects, residential and building designers, developers, land planners and interior designers in the nation. Every year, the awards program, sponsored by NAHB Design Committee, recognizes good design in single-family and multifamily homes of all types and sizes, communities, interior design, remodeling and rental developments.

Since its inception the BALA awards have been recognized throughout the industry as the premier design awards, with past associations with Better Homes and Garden and BUILDER magazines. Professional Builder again join the NAHB Design Committee as a media sponsor for the 2015 awards cycle.

As a leader in design for home and community, the BALA awards program has grown over the years to include categories in green building, senior and student housing and affordable housing. Recognition of BALA has even extended beyond our borders with the inclusion of international categories that capture the spirit of the Best in American Living.

Lotus on Orange | Wining 3 Bala’s
South Atlantic Bala
One-of-a-Kind Custom or Spec Home 3,501-4,500 sq ft Bala
Green Built Bala - Platinum

Project Team

Builder: Josh Wynne Construction

Architect: Leader Design Studio
Sustainable Consultant: Two Trails Inc.
Interior Designer: SAWA Desig



2015 Aurora Awards by Michelle Wynne


2015 Golden Aurora Best of Show: 1414 S Osprey

2015 Golden Aurora Best of Show:  Lotus on Orange

Grand, Detached Single-Family: 1414 S Osprey

Grand, Custom Home: Lotus on Orange

Grand, Energy Efficient Home: Lotus on Orange

Grand, Water Wise Home: 1414 S Osprey

Grand, Solar Energy House: Lotus on Orange

Grand, Natural Gas Home: 1414 S Osprey

Grand Aurora, Best of State: 1414 S Osprey

Aurora, Detached Single-Family Home: 1414 S Osprey

Aurora, Custom Home: Phoenix

Aurora, Custom Home: Lotus on Orange

Aurora, Energy Efficient Home: 1414 S Osprey

Aurora, Energy Efficient Home: Phoenix

Aurora, Energy Efficient Home: Lotus on Orange

Aurora, Water Wise Home: 1414 S Osprey

Aurora, Water Wise Home: Phoenix

Aurora, Water Wise Home: Lotus on Orange

Aurora, Solar Energy House: Lotus on Orange

Aurora, Natural Gas Home: 1414 S Osprey

Aurora, Natural Gas Home: Lotus on Orange

Aurora, Green Construction: 1414 S Osprey

Aurora, Green Construction: Lotus on Orange


2014 LEEDership Awards by Tom Rupp

LEED FOR HOMES: TipTopHaus / Submitted by Josh Wynne Construction
The design includes many of the Florida vernacular architectural features that make a
home built in Florida inherently more efficient.

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BUSINESS OF THE YEAR: Josh Wynne Construction
Carbon neutral concepts, 100% zero-energy construction, smaller and more affordable
options for a larger demographic, some work in neighborhood re-development and
weatherization, and even some work with local government to consider smarter
planning strategies related density and growth, are all within our reach.

2014 Aurora Awards by Tom Rupp

2014 Golden Aurora Award: TipTopHaus, Energy Efficient Home

Best of State: Florida, TipTopHaus, Energy Efficient Home

Grand Aurora: TipTopHaus, Energy Efficient Home

Grand Aurora: Fish Camp, Energy Efficient Home

Aurora: Fish Camp, Energy Efficient Home

Aurora: TipTopHaus, Energy Efficient Home

Aurora: TipTopHaus, Water Wise Home

Aurora: TipTopHaus, Solar Energy Home

Aurora: Fish Camp, Natural Gas

Aurora: TipTopHaus, Natural Gas

2013 BALA Platinum Award for Green-Built Home - The Pearl by Tom Rupp

Project Team
Architect: Josh Wynne Construction - Architect's Website
Builder: Josh Wynne Construction - Builder's Website
Interior Designer: Josh Wynne Construction- Interior Designer's Website

Land Planner: Josh Wynne Construction - Land Planner's Website
Interior Merchandiser: Josh Wynne Construction - Interior Merchandiser's Website

Design Statement:
The Pearl is an amazing home designed without compromise. The clean lines and simple beauty inspired by South Pacific-style architecture are blended seamlessly with the local style. The home's western exposure has carefully placed windows that capture the sea breeze. Windows and doors along the eastern elevation allow the breezes to carry through the home. Day-lighting was a natural result of this effort. The subtle beauty of this home is punctuated with LEED Platinum, and FGBC Platinum certifications proving that beauty and sustainability can co-exist.

2013 LEEDership Awards by Tom Rupp

Our newest project is located in the eclectic neighborhood of Oyster Bay. John Gillespie developed Oyster Bay in the early days of Sarasota. The area is noted for large lots, mature trees and a fun mix of architectural styles. The local flavor ranges from famous Sarasota School of Architecture homes by Jack West to Mid-Century Ranches, Mediterranean Revival and Key West inspired homes. Oyster Bay was a popular neighborhood for revitalization during the recent real estate boom so there are many newer homes comfortably nestled into this older infill community.

2013 Aurora Awards by Tom Rupp

Aurora Award CUSTOM HOME (One of a Kind) $750,001/$1,000,000

GRAND Aurora & Aurora Award KITCHEN $500,001/$1,000,000


GRAND Aurora & Aurora Award WATER/WISE HOME Best Water/Wise Home

GRAND Aurora & Aurora Award NATURAL GAS HOME Single Family Home

Aurora Award GREEN CONSTRUCTION New Construction /$500,001/$1,000,000