When building a new home why would you not want a home to be sustainable?  Josh Wynne Construction has been pioneering methods and techniques used for third party certification.  Third party certification provides you, the homeowner, proof that your high performance home will actually do what we say it will. Other builders may claim to be building "green", but without proof how do you know?   That is why it is in your best interest to have a home independently verified.  

Our homes are built to the one of the toughest sustainable programs in the nation.  The U.S. Green Building Council administers the LEED for Homes program, which builders submit for certification via a third party verifier.  This a very stringent process and certifications are not given out lightly.  Homes can score on the LEED point scale to various degrees.  There are four levels of certification: Certified, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum.  The more points a home scores the higher level of certification is issued.  Most home builders have difficulty achieving a certified level home.  We have the team in place to get your project to a Platinum level certification, which we have done many times.  We have been recognized as one of the top LEED builders in the nation.  Please look at our awards section to see how we have been LEEDing the way in the sustainable building community.


A sustainable home must meet marks in all the above categories to receive a certification:

A sustainable home must meet marks in all the above categories to receive a certification:

Benefits of Sustainable Building:

  • Extremely energy efficient without giving up performance

  • Low to virtually no heating and cooling costs

  • Lower home and system maintenance costs

  • Heating and cooling systems will perform better and last longer due to our special engineering

  • Lower lifetime cost of home ownership

  • No drafts through windows, walls, anywhere

  • Comfortable and consistent temperature and humidity from room to room

  • Indoor air is fresh and air quality is exceptionally high, virtually no pollen, common allergens, chemical smells, etc.

  • Avoids use of building materials with toxic, harmful or noxious chemicals or materials

  • Built with environmental, energy and cost sustainability in mind

  • Better use of and minimum waste of building materials

  • Less waste going into expensive landfills

  • Will become more economically beneficial as energy costs increase over the years

  • Will be more attractive to home buyers in the future when sold

  • Will help the environment now and going forward

  • Demonstrates you care about the world your kids and grandkids will inherit